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Sales Information

Our sales department is made up of five divisions, which are distributed as follows.

Supermarket sales force:
covering 100% of all supermarket industry in the country, with 1 KAM for Walmart with 5 supervisors in the whole country and is supported by 1 inplant; there are 5 junior supervisors too and 1 KAM from Super Selectos that is leading 6 supervisors in the whole salvadorean territory.

The supervisors performance is evaluated by a field auditor.In this channel we also count with 70 sellers that covered the 100% of the sale points of Super Selectos, Walmart and Pricesmart.

With the Walmart store we are working efficiently promoting the Despensa Familiar and Maxi Bodega formats.

Wholesale Sales Force

1 channel manager

  • The wholesale sales force of San Salvador metropolitan area is made up by: 1 supervisor and 3 sellers attending special customers like grocery stores and wholesalers from San Salvador and Salvadorean central zone. 
  • The inside saldadorean territory wholesale sales force is made up by: 1 supervisor and 1 seller for western zone and 1 supervisor and 1 seller for eastern zone attending wholesale and corner stores. 

  • The super independent sales force is made up by: 4 sellers, 2 of them attending in central zone and the other 2 sellers attending the eastern zone. These sellers represent both companies (DISNA-UDISA).
  • The wholesale channel has a support of 20 displays (multi brands) that attends the main customers of the channel, as well as the super independents.

Sales Force Routing

  • General Presale System: It consists of 1 plan manager and 3 supervisors that they manage the center zone, the west and the East of El Salvador and educational centers.
  • It has 39 routes, which serve approximately 9,023 clients type A, B and some C. The dispatch is done through OPLS, a logistics company by Zablah Group. The products that are sold in this channel are the most widely accepted by the consumer.

Western Zone

Central Zone

Eastern Zone

Population: 6,300,000

Area: 21,041 KM2 / 8,124 Mil 2

Official Currency: USD $

Wholesale clients: 684

Supermarket clients: 201

Independent supermarkets clients: 72

Route Clients: 9,023

Horecas Clients: 164

Routing Coverage

Total Customers 9,023


As for coverage in percentage % of Selfserve markets (supermarkets), we cover 100 % of the market; in the traditional channel we cover 90% (Wholesale channel) and 63% (Presale clients) mostly type A and B.

47% of our total Company sales are made by supermarkets in their 201 points of sale, classified geographically in the following way:
Great San Salvador 63%
West 16%
East 21%

PRESALE CLIENTS 11% of our total Company Sales.


Product Leader Distributor
national consumption and
international throughout
The national territory

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